Table of Contents


LRTS v. 9 no. 4, Fall 1965


Laura Catherine Colvin


Ruth S. Leonard


In the Mail


J. Mills


DC Number on LC Cards


Verner W. Clapp


DC Numbers on LC Cards: A Supplement


L. Quincy Mumford


Editorial Comment: Classification


In the Mail


John P. Rash


Relative Effectiveness of the Harvard Business, Library of Congress, and the Dewey Decimal Classifications for a Market Collection


Elizabeth Casellas


Classification Schemes for the Arrangement of the Literature of Protestant Denominations


Thomas P. Slavens


La Roche College Classification System for Phonorecords


Sister Mary Alvin and Sister M. Michele, C. D. P.


Phonograph Record Classification at the United States Air Force Academy Library


Helen J. Stiles


A Proposal for the Method of Adapting the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme to Meet the Needs of India


Meena Krishnaswa


Ranganathanís Classification Ideas: An Analytico-Synthetic Discussion


Pauline Atherton


SYNTOL- A New System for the Organization of Information


Susan Artandi


Citation and Subject Indexing in Science


Geraldine M. Matthews and James van Luik


Reclassification: A Bibliography


Howard F. McCaw


Implications of the National Register of Microform Masters as Part of a National Preservation Program


Edmond L. Applebaum


Mortimer Taube, 1910-1965


Maurice F. Tauber


Regional Groups