Table of Contents


LRTS v. 9 no. 1, Winter 1965


Introduction to Data Processing; Introductory Remarks


Edward M. Heiliger


The Hardware of Data Processing


C. D. Gull


Computerized Cataloging: The Computerized Catalog at Florida Atlantic University


Jean Perreault


Automatic Classification and Indexing, for Libraries?


Donald V. Black


Computerized Serial Records


Don S. Culbertson


Computerized Circulation Work: A Case Study of the Data Collection System


Ralph E. McCoy


Data Processing Aids in Acquisitions Work


Louis A. Schultheiss


Dissemination of Information

I. A. Warheit


The Library of Congress Project


Gilbert W. King


The MEDLARS Project at the National Library of Medicine


Charles J. Austin


The Machine and the Librarian


Ralph H. Parker


Statement of Types of Classification Available to New Academic Libraries


Nominees, 1964/65


Second International Study Conference on Classification Research: Conclusions and Recommendations


Variant Pricing of Serial Publications


Peter Gellatly


The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Classified Periodicals Collection


Joseph C. Borden