Table of Contents


LRTS v. 8 no. 4, Fall 1964


Catherine MacQuarrie


Mary Seely Dodendorf


Book Catalogs


Ralph H. Parker


A Book Catalog at Work


Margaret C. Brown


Book Catalogs as Supplements to Card Catalogs


Phyllis A. Richmond


The Compact Book Catalog- by Photographic Process


Bob Jones


The Metamorphosis of the Book Catalogs


Catherine MacQuarrie


Montgomery County Book Catalog


George B. Moreland


Reader Services Aspects of Book Catalogs


Ira Harris


The Computerized Catalog: Possible, Feasible, Desirable?


Wesley Simonton


Another View on Allocation


Fred W. Hanes


Another View on Allocation: A Rebuttal


Harry Bach


Cost Accounting for the Library


Constance Brutcher, Glen Gessford and Emmet Rixford


RTSD Presidentís Report, 1963/64


James E. Skipper


RTSD Acquisitions Section Annual Report, 1963/64


James W. Barry


RTSD Cataloging and Classification Section Annual Report, 1963/64


Wesley Simonton


RTSD Copying Methods Section Annual Report, 1963/64


Robert K. Johnson


RTSD Serials Section Annual Report, 1963/64


Rolland E. Stevens


Report of the RTSD Executive Secretary, 1963/64


Elizabeth Rodell


Regional Groups


Doris Ransom


Copying Methods Notes


Hubbard W. Ballou




Index, Volume 8, 1964