Table of Contents


LRTS v. 8 no. 3, Summer 1964


The Chaplin Report: A Symposium.


Edited by Paul S. Dunkin. Articles by Paul B. Kebabian, David Remington, Milbrey L. Jones, Edith Scott and Robert G. Krupp


Measure of Indexing


Susan Artandi


Subject Indexing Mythology


Bella E. Shachtman


Serial Record Instructions for a Computerized Serial System


Ted F. Syrgley


Combined Procedures for Technical Processes


Earl Farley


Regional Groups


Equipment and Methods in Catalog Card Reproduction


Joseph H. Treyz


Library Card Reproduction by Xerox Copyflo


Allen B. Veaner and John Fraser


The Library of Congress Classed Catalog for Music


Virginia Cunningham


The Classified Catalog at Boston University, 1948-49


Mary D. Herrick


Cataloging Rules




Paul E. Vesenyi


The Place of the Technical Services in the Academic Library


Miriam C. Maloy


Reports of Meetings


Does Dividing the Catalog Relieve Congestion?


Fred Heinritz


The Library Catalog: Focus on Form


Seymour Lubetsky


Copying Methods Notes


Hubbard W. Ballou


Organization Theory and the Card Catalog


Sister Robert May