Table of Contents


LRTS v. 8 no. 2, Spring 1964


Technical Services in 1963


Maurice F. Tauber


Highlights in Acquisitions


Marietta Chicorel


1963: The Little Year That Wasn’t There


Paul S. Dunkin


Review of Copying Methods: 1963


Peter Scott


The Year’s Work in Serials: 1963


Stephen Ford


A Cataloging Aptitude Test


Lenore S. Gribbin


The Reference Function of the Catalog


Robert M. Pierson


The Library and the Academic Community


Charles Burdick


Why Allocate?


Harry Bach


Regional Groups


Bind or Film: Factors in the Decision


David Peele


Toward the Seventeenth…Dewey


Sarah K. Vann


The National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections


Arline Custer


Cataloging the Exhibition Catalog


Donald L. Foster


One Picture Is Worth a Thousand (Typed) Words


William E. Jorgensen


European Report: Reprography Congress, Document Reproduction Activities in French and British Libraries


Allen B. Veaner