Table of Contents


LRTS v. 8 no. 1, Winter 1961


Regional Union Lists- Some Unanswered Questions


Thomas J. Galvin


ALA Filing Rules


Pauline A. Seely


Regional Groups


Some Fundamentals in Arranging Archives and Manuscript Collections


Jean L. Finch


Training for Technical Services


Bertha Bassain, Cora Johnston, Ronald Hagler, and Lorna D. Fraser


Difficulties in Procurement of U.S. Scientific and Technical Publications in Pakistan


A.M. Abdul Huq


Transliteration of Modern Russian


Jerrold Orne


The Historical Development of Processing Centers in the United States


James R. Hunt


A Comparison of the Operation of Various Processing Centers


Elizabeth Adcock


Book Processing Center, Orlando, Florida: A Case Study


Clara E. Wendel


Current Issues in South African Cataloging Practice


Reuben Musiker


Copying Methods Notes


Hubbard W. Ballou




Nominees, 1963/64