Table of Contents


LRTS v. 7 no. 4, Fall 1963


Arthur Hugh Chaplin


Katharine L. Ball


Cost Analysis in a Technical Services Division


Don Wynar


Further Costs of Card Reproduction


Herman R. Storm


West German and U.S. Book Costs as Comparative Factors in Book Budgets


Marietta Chicorel


A Question of Completeness


Marietta Chicorel


On Ephemera: Their Collection and Use


Richard C. Berner


Local Autonomy


Ronald Hagler


Automating Cataloging Functions in Conventional Libraries


Paul J. Fasana


Implementing the Depository Library Act of 1962


Carper W. Buckley


Depository Library- Privilege or Responsibility


Roger H. McDonough


Centralized Bibliographic Control


Robert W. Wienpahl


RTSD Presidentís Report, 1962/63


Dorothy J. Comins


RTSD Acquisitions Section Annual Report, 1962/63


Fredrick L. Arnold


RTSD Cataloging and Classification Section Annual Report, 1962/63


Susan M. Haskins


RTSD Copying Methods Section Annual Report, 1962/63


Gordon R. Williams


RTSD Serials Section Annual Report, 1962/63


Kenneth W. Soderland


Report of the RTSD Executive Secretary, 1962/63


Elizabeth Rodell


Regional Groups


A Checklist of American Imprints, 1820-1825


Richard H. Shoemaker


Happiness is a Long Footnote


Paul S. Dunkin


Catalog Use (Editorial)


Index, Volume 7, 1963