Table of Contents


LRTS v. 7 no. 2, Spring 1963


Technical Services in 1962


Maurice F. Tauber


Acquisitions and Resources; Highlights of 1962


Dorothy Bevis


1962: On the Road


Paul S. Dunkin


Review of Copying Methods: 1962


Rolland E. Stevens


Serial Activities in 1962


David Kaser


Amendments to Serials Section Bylaws


The Library of Congress Public Law 480 Programs


Robert D. Stevens


Technical Services in School Libraries, an Analysis of the Literature, 1951-61


Milbrey L. Jones


Cataloging Problems in Medical Libraries


Wilhelm Moll


Xenolingual Cataloging of Foreign Books


Richard J. Hyman


Catalog Code Revision


Xerox-914: Preparation of Multilith Masters of Catalog Cards


Harry D. Williams and Thomas Whitney


Regional Groups


A Procedure for Dividing the Catalog with Interrupting Services


Lloyd A. Kramer


Phonograph Records in Serials

Harry R. Skallerup




Revision of ALA Filing Rules