Table of Contents


LRTS v. 6 no. 4, Fall 1962


Form Headings in Catalogues of the Past and Present


Eva Verona


Speaking of Books


Sylvie Pasche


The Cost of Imported Scores


Gordon Stevenson


Wyllis Eaton Wright


Laura C. Colvin


Costs, Time, and Terms


Esther J. Piercy


Cost Survey: Cost of ordering, Cataloging, and Preparations in Southern California Libraries


Catherine MacQuarrie


Costs of a Divided Catalog


Andre Nitecki


Catalog Card Reproduction at the Madison Public Library


Herman R. Storm


Current Checklists of State Publications, as of May, 1962


Tennessee State Library and Archives


Classification of Four Track Tapes


Allen Cohen


RTSD Presidentís Report, 1961-1962


Helen M. Welch


Report of the RTSD Executive Secretary, 1961-1962


Elizabeth Rodell


Regional Groups


Barbara Westby


From Division in DC


Benjamin A. Custer




Index, Volume 6, 1962