Table of Contents


LRTS v. 6 no. 2, Spring 1962


Technical Services in 1961


Maurice F. Tauber


A Sampling of the Year’s Work in Acquisitions and Resources


Dorothy Bevis


1961: The Year the Innocents Went Abroad


Paul S. Dunkin


The Year’s Work in Copying Methods: 1961


Rolland E. Stevens


Serial Activities in 1961


David Kaser


Adhesive Bookbinding ; A Practice Reviewed


Lee E. Grove


Proposed Amendments to the RTSD Bylaws


I. F. L. A. International Conference on Cataloguing Principles. Preliminary Official Report


A. H. Chaplin


American Action on the I.C.C.P.


The Paris Conference


Katharine Ball


The Canadian Institute on Cataloguing Principles and Rules


Lorna D. Fraser


Dewey 16th Edition- A Method for Its Adoption


Pauline A. Seely


Dealers and Documents


Catharine Maybury


Regional Groups


Barbara Westby


Workshop on Library Binding