Table of Contents


LRTS v. 6 no. 1


Prevost, 1876 - 1961


Esther J. Piercy


A Proposal for a National Code Number System for Current Publications


A. Harrer and Alex Ladenson


Xerox Copyflo at Harvard University Library: A Study of the Costs and the Problems


Allen B. Veaner


Library Experience with the Xerox 914


Rolland E. Stevens


The Bibliographical Control of Microforms


Wesley Simonton


An Example of Conventional- Title Cataloging


Jean Perrault


The Geographical Approach to Materials in the Library of Congress Subject Headings


Bartol Brinkler


Looking Forward to the Seventeenth Edition


Catalog Advisory Committee, Los Angeles Public Library


Further Comment on Map Cataloging


John B. White


Problems in Serials


Articles by Elaine Walker, Barbara M. Hill, Katherine C. Dwyre and Edith Clitheroe; edited by Helen G. Kurtz