Table of Contents


LRTS v. 5 no. 4, Fall 1961


Alexander J. Rudolph and his “New Method of Cataloging”


Jim Ranz


John William Cronin


Bella Shachtman


Cataloging and Reclassification in the University of Toronto Library, 1959/60


Lorna D. Fraser


School Libraries and the Draft Code


Mary Seely Dodendorf


Serial Practices in Selected College and University Libraries


Gloria Whetstone


The Use of Henry E. Bliss’s Bibliographic Classification at the Southern California School of Theology


Elton E. Shell


Please Help Me To Understand


Edwin Castagna


Conventional Titles: Further Observations


Robert M. Pierson


German National Bibliographies


Wilhelm Moll


The Need for New Standards for Library Binding


Stephen Ford


The Departmental Allocation of Library Book Funds in the Junior College: Developing Criteria


Norman E. Tanis


RTSD’ President’s Report, 1960-1961


Melvin J. Voigt


Report of the RTSD Executive Secretary, 1960-1961


Orcena Mahoney


Remarks at the RTSD Membership Meeting, July 1961


Helen M. Welch


Our New RTSD Executive Secretary


Regional Groups


Barbara Westby


Substantive Changes in the Draft Code, June 1960-July 1961


Audrey Smith


Studies and Surveys in Progress


Marian Sanner




Index, Volume 5, 1961