Table of Contents


LRTS v. 5 no. 3, Summer 1961


Guesstimates Unlimited: The Draft Code in Imagined Operation


Paul S. Dunkin


Comparison of Results of Use of CCR Draft Code versus Present ALA Rules


Wyllis E. Wright


Is Harvard Bound by the Past?


Susan M. Haskins


The Quantitative Effects of Changed Cataloging Rules on the Existing Catalog


C. Sumner Spalding


Living With the New Code: The Free Library of Philadelphia


Margaret C. Brown


Wilson Company Cataloging Changes


Edwin B.  Colburn


Experiment in the Use of the Revised Code of Cataloging Rules


Margaret Beckman


Catalog Code Revision for Serial Publications


Dorothy Comins


Preparation for the International Conference on the Principles of Cataloging, Paris, 1861


Paul Poindron Translated by Richard H. Shoemaker


Comment on the Draft Code


Theodore C. Hines


The Collection and Preservation of Local Resources- A Plea


Harry Bach


Studies and Surveys in Progress


Marian Sanner


Regional Groups


M. Ruth MacDonald


Contract Form for Microform Reproductions