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LRTS v. 4 no. 4, Fall 1960


Cataloging-in-Source-A Symposium;


Reviews by Mary Louise Mann, W. J. LeKernec, Alex Ladenson, Marian Harman and Ray O. Hummel, Jr. Edited by Paul S. Dunkin


The Future


Verner W. Clapp


Chiang Small Duplicator


Andre Nitecki


Periodical Sets and the World Market; or, Life in a Rubber-Boot Factory


Harold J. Mason


The Program of the Joint Committee on the Union List of Serials


F. Bernice Field


Documents at the Air Force Cambridge Research Center Technical Library


Mary D. Quint


M. Ruth MacDonald


Alice Phelps Pattee


Making a Catalog Department Manual: A Case History


Robert B. Slocum


Project India


Anne Greenwood


A New Look at the Cataloging of Microfilm


Duncan Brockway


A Korean Classified Catalog


J. McRee Elrod


Presidentís Report, 1959-1960


John Fall


Report of the Executive Secretary, 1959-1960


Orcena Mahoney




Index, Volume 4, 1960