Table of Contents


LRTS v. 4 no. 2, Spring 1960


The Yearís Work in Acquisitions and Resources


Helen M. Welch


The Old Girl and the New Name, or, the Fabulous Fifties


Paul S. Dunkin


Development in Copying Methods- 1958


G. F. Shepherd, Jr.


1959- Bumper Year for Serials


David Kaser


Cataloging Ephemera


Edith Lenel


Bookbinding Problems and Promises: Steps Towards a Re-evaluation of Standards


Frank L. Schick


Some Aspects of Basic Research in Classification


Phyllis Allen Richmond


Cost Indexes for U. S. Periodicals: A Progress Report


Helen M. Welch


Serial Services Cost Indexes


William H. Huff and Norman B. Brown


From An Editorís Viewpoint


Kathleen Walker


Studies and Surveys in Progress


Marian Sanner


American Documentation Institute Meeting


Phyllis Allen Richmond


Publications in the Field


Regional Groups


Marking of Books


Bylaws of the Division