Table of Contents


LRTS v. 4 no. 1, Winter 1960


Universal Classification- Untenable


Vern M. Pings


Dewey Reviews


Edith Scott, J. F. W. Byron, A. Puget, Birgit Foss, B. S. Kesavan


An Evaluation of U. S. Document Bibliography


Philip Shore


A Fresh Look at the Treatment of Documents


Wilhelm Moll


San Francisco State College Library Technical Services Time Study


A. S. Pickett


Budget Control of Book Purchases and Binding Expenditures in Large Public Libraries


Alex Ladenson


Multiple Binding-Instruction Form


Marianne von Dobeneck


American Trade Catalogs vs. Manuscript Records


Lawrence B. Romaine


Is Bibliographic Standardization Possible?


Regional Groups


Cataloging Practices and Problems in Selected Military Academic Libraries


Robert K. Johnson


The Current Revision of ALA Rules


Seymour Lubetsky


International Cataloging Conference


Wyllis E. Wright


The U.S.B.E. Survey


Edwin E. Williams


Publications in the Field