Table of Contents

LRTS v. 41, no. 3, July 1997


From Citation to Piece in Hand: The Search for Efficiency in Accessing Monographic Series

Marion Shemberg

Identical in Appearance but Not in Actuality: Headings Shared by a Subject-Access and a Form/Genre Access Authority List

David Miller

Changing Roles: Original Cataloging by Paraprofessionals in ARL Libraries

Deborah A. Mohr and Anita Schuneman

Analyzing Search Styles of Patrons and Staff: A Replicative Study of Two University Libraries

Kathlin L. Ray and Mary S. Lang

Notes on Operations

Database Design for Preservation Project Management: The California Newspaper Project

Lynne M. Hayman

Converting Wade-Giles Cataloging to Pinyin: The Development and Implementation of a Conversion Program for the Australian National CJK Service

Linda Groom

Cooperative Cataloging: Prospects and Problems for Libraries in Saudi Arabia

Zahiruddun Khurshid



Celebrating C. Sumner Spalding

Robert M. Hiatt

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