Table of Contents


LRTS v. 3 no. 3, Summer 1959


The Dual Assignment: Cataloging and Reference: A Four-Year Review of Cataloging in the Divisional Plan


Frank A. Lundy, Kathryn R. Renfro, and Esther M. Shubert


Public Service and Cataloging at the University of Nebraska


Enid Miller


Acquisition and Cataloging; An Integral Part of Reader Services


Hanna Elsa Krueger


Technical Services and the Divisional Plan at Idaho


Michael Slama


Proposed Procedure for Establishing a Cost of Periodicals Index


Helen M. Welch


Studies and Surveys in Progress


Marian Sanner


Non-Library Periodicals for Library Technical Services


Wolfgang M. Freitag


The Xerox Process and its Application at Yale


Joseph H. Treyz