Table of Contents


LRTS v. 3 no. 2, Spring 1959


Nineteen Fifty-Eight: The Year of the At and the In.


Paul S. Dunkin


The Year’s Work in Acquisitions and Resources


Helen M. Welch


The Year’s Work in Serials, 1958


Stephen Ford


Developments in Copying Methods- 1958


Hubbard W. Ballou


Subject Headings and Codes


Maurice F. Tauber


Cats: An Example of Concealed Classification in Subject Headings


Phyllis Allen Richmond


Basic Cataloging Tools: Serial Supplement


Ian W. Thom


Alton H. Keller, 1912-1959


Union List of Serials Program Announced


The Service Load of a Cataloger in a Small College Library


Bernice E. Headings


The Worries of a Public Library Administrator


Herbert Goldhor


Institute on Catalog Code Revision: A Composite Report


Card Catalog Arrangement


George Scheerer


New Serial Titles


Mary E. Kahler


Regional Groups


Cataloging in Source Seeks Answers