Table of Contents


LRTS v. 3 no. 1, Winter 1959


Library Resources- The Professional Responsibility


Verner W. Clapp


The Public Library- An Educational Institution


Ralph A. Ulveling


Too Much and Too Little; Observations on the Current Status of University Library Resources


Raynard A. Swank


The Search for a Utopia of Acquisitions and Resources


Edwin E. Williams


The Miraculous Bubble: A Look at Kalfax Film


Peter Scott


Acquiring Books from Abroad


Frank L. Schick


A Study in Long Term Periodical Subscriptions


James W. Barry


Studies and Surveys in Progress


Marian Sanner


Additions to Cataloging Rules


The Printed National Union Catalog: Notes and Suggestions


Robert B. Slocum


A Note on University Institute Publications


Jack A. Clarke and William H. Patch


Use of Serial Shelving Numbers in the National Library of Medicine


Eleanor R. Hasting


Cataloging of “Folk Music” on Records


Sherman Anderson


A Subject Index to the National Union Catalog


George A. Schwegmann, Jr.