Table of Contents

LRTS v. 38, no. 3, July 1994


End-User Understanding of Subdivided Subject Headings

Lori Franz, John Powell, Suzann Jude, and Karen M. Drahenstott

Manifestations and Near-Equivalents: Theory, with Special Attention to Moving Image Materials

Martha M. Yee

Team Cataloging in Academic Libraries: An Exploratory Survey

Anita Schuneman and Deborah A. Mohr

Notes on Operations

The Evolving Role of Academic Librarians

Joan B. Fiscella and Nancy Sack

A Survey of East European Monographic Records in the OCLC Database

Viveca S. Seymour

The Library Collections Conservation Discussion Group: A Comprehensive Look at Book Repair

Maria Grandinette and Randy Silverman

Guidelines for Preservation Photocopying

Subcommittee on Preservation Photocopying

Comparative Searching Styles

Terry Ballard

AACR2R Format Preferences in Canadian Libraries

Jean Weihs and Lynne C. Howarth


Book Reviews

Lawrence W. S. Auld, Editor

Audio Book Breakthrough

Ron Sigler

The Evolving National Information Network

Pearl Berger

Hiring Library Employees

Diane Dates Casey

Libraries and the Future

Margie Epple Fiels

Multicultural Acquisitions

Thomas E. Nisonger

The Nation's Great Library

Margaret E. Doutt

Preservation in Libraries

William T. Henderson

Research Libraries

Arthur P. Young

Subject Analysis and Indexing

Bella Hass Weinberg

In Memoriam: Donald C. Cook

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