Table of Contents

LRTS v. 36, no. 4, October 1992


Technical Services Research, 1988-1991

Charles W. Simpson

Facilitating Geographic Subdivision Assignment in Subject Headings

Karen M. Drabenstott

Time and Workflow Study

Claudine Arnold Jenda

Enhanced Catalog Access to Fiction

Susan Hayes

Computer-Assisted Theory Building

Robert H. Burger

Notes on Operations

Technical Processing of Electronic Journals

Gail McMillan

Compromises in the Maaagernerrt of Working Papers

Aline Soules, Jane Lucas, and Susan Pritts

Notes on Research

ARIS Music Thesaurus

Harriette Hemmasi

CatTutor: A Prototypioal fppectextTutorial for Catalogers

Sarah E. Thomas


ALCTS Annual Report, 1991-92

Arnold Hirshon

Book Reviews

Lawrence W. S. Auld, Editor

Budgets for Acquisitions; Library Material Costs

Thomas W. Leonhardt

The NREN: Research and Policy Perspectives

Christina Sokol

Olderr's Fiction Subject Headings

Robert T. Ivey

Performance Analysis and Appraisal

Ellen Crosby

Scientific Journals: Improving Library Collections

Beverly Geer-Butler

Technical Services in the Medium-sized Library

Tschera Harkness Connell

Technical Standards: An Introduction for Librarians

Robert H. Burger

Access Services: The Convergence of Reference and Technical Services

Lori L. Osmus

Cataloging of Audiovisual Materials

Madeleine Johnson

Conference on Acquisitions, Budgets, and Collections

Karen A. Schmidt

Disaster Planning and Recovery

Martha Hanscom

The Future of Serials

Nancy Schell Scott


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