Table of Contents

LRTS v. 36, no. 3, July 1992


Challenge, Change, and Confidence: The Literature of Acquisitions, 1991

Richard P. Jasper

Redefining the Library: The Year's Work in Collection Development, 1991

William S. Monroe

The Narrow, Rugged, Uninteresting Path Finally Becomes Interesting: A Review of Work in Descriptive Cataloging in 1991 with Trailmarks for Further Research

Michael Carpenter

Enhancing Subject Access in Online Systems: The Year's Work in Subject Analysis, 1991

Arlene G. Taylor

The Preservation of Library Materials in 1991: A Review of the Literature

Marcia A. Watt

The Reproduction of Library Materials in 1991

Glenda J. Pearson

A Rising Sense of Urgency: The Year's Work in Serials, 1991

John J. Riemer


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