Table of Contents

LRTS v. 36, no. 2, April 1992


Technical Services in the 1990s: A Process of Convergent Evolution

Gillian M. McCombs

Frequency of Use of Cataloging Rules in a Practice Collection

Josefa Abrera and Debora Shaw

Bibliographic Relationships: An Empirical Study of the LC Machine-Readable Records

Barbara B. Tillett

An Examination of Data Elements for Bibliographic Description: Toward a Conceptual Schema for the USMARC Formats

Gregory H. Leazer

Consistency in Choice and Form of Main Entry: A Comparison of Library of Congress and British Library Monograph Cataloging

Edgar A. Jones

Variations in Personal Name Access Points in OCLC Bibliographic Records

Arlene G. Taylor


LRTS 1991 Referees

Book Reviews

Lawrence W. S. Auld, Editor

The Bibliographic Record and Information Technology

Alan R. Thomas

Describing Archival Materials

Margaret E. Doutt

Early Bindings in Paper

Fred W. Jenkins

Legal and Ethical Issues in Acquisitions

Don Lanier

Library Cooperation and Networks

Diane D. Kester

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Constance Rinehart

Library Technical Services

Ellen Crosby

Manheimer's Cataloging and Classification

Lori Osmus


Instructions for Authors

Index to Advertisers