Table of Contents

LRTS v. 36, no. 1, January 1992


The Acquisitions Librarian as Change Agent in the Transition to the Electronic Library

Ross Atkinson

The History of Linking Devices

Barbara B. Tillett

USMARC to UNIMARC/Authorities: A Qualitative Evaluation of US MARC Data Elements

Marc Truitt

The Integrated Library System of the 1990s: The OhioLINK Experience

Carol Pitts Hawks

Staff Time and Costs for Cataloging

Dilys E. Morris

Automated Workstations for Professional Catalogers: A Survey of 100 Non-ARL Academic Libraries

Betsy N. Hine

pH: Only a Piece of the Preservation Puzzle: A Comparison of the Preservation Studies at Brigham Young, Yale, and Syracuse Universities

Matthew Nickerson


Book Reviews

Lawrence W. S. Auld, Editor

Bibliographic Access in Europe: First International Conference

Robert P. Holley

Nancy B. Olson, Cataloging Motion Pictures and Videorecordings

Ann M. Sandberg-Fox

Cataloging: The Professional Development Cycle

David Gleim

Collection Development in College Libraries

Mary Margaret Benson

Collection Management in Academic Libraries

Judith Lee Palmer

The Good Serials Department

Margaret Prentice Hecker

F. W. Lancaster, Indexing and Abstracting in Theory and Practice

Hans H. Wellisch

Hans H. Wellisch, Indexing from A to Z

Eldon Tamblyn

Information Technology and Library Management

Laverna Saunders


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