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LRTS v. 35, no. 3, July 1991


Please, Sir, I Want Some More: A Review of the Literature of Acquisitions, 1990

Karen A. Schmidt

Ours Should Be to Reason Why: Descriptive Cataloging Research in 1990

Jay H. Lambrecht

Crisis in Cataloging Revisited: The Year's Work in Subject Analysis, 1990

James Bradford Young

Books Aren't Us? The Year's Work in Collection Development, 1990

David S. Sullivan

More Than Ten Years After: Identity and Direction in Library Preservation

Maralyn Jones

The Reproduction of Library Materials in 1990

Thomas A. Bourke

The Rise in Consumerism: The Year's Work in Serials, 1990

Jana Lonberger



Book Reviews

Richard D. Johnson, Editor

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