Table of Contents

LRTS v. 34, no. 2, April 1990


Serials Standards Work: The Next Frontier

Sally C. Tseng, Janet L. Arcand, Judith M. Brugger, Margaret Finn, Anton J. Olson, and Sally Somers

Education for Acquisitions: A History

Karen A. Schmidt

Library Research and Writing: A Personal Adventure

Sally Jo Reynolds

Analysis of a Bibliographic Database Enhanced with a Library Classification

Karen Markey Drabenstott, Anh N. Demeyer, Jeffrey Gerckens, and Daryl T. Poe

A Tool for Comparative Collection Analysis: Conducting a Shelflist Sample to Construct a Collection Profile

Beth M. Paskoff and Anna H. Perrault

Production Benchmarks for Catalogers in Academic Libraries: Are We There Yet?

Mechael D. Charbonneau

Notes on Research and Operations

Linked Systems and the Online Catalog: The Role of the OSI

Richard W. Boss

The Subject Code: Two Unanswered Questions

William E. Studwell

From Columbus to Computers: Automation at Oxford University's Bodleian Library

Margaret F. Maxwell

Serials, Links, and Technology: An Overview

Tom Delsey

The Limits of a Title Proper, or One Case Showing Why Human Beings, Not Machines, Must Do the Cataloging

Ben R. Tucker

Involvement in Bibliographic Instruction among Technical Services Librarians in Missouri Academic Libraries

V. Lonnie Lawson and Charles E. Slattery

LRTS' Subsection

Shall We Throw Out the Technical Services-and Then What?

D. Kathryn Weintraub

Training People for New Job Responsibilities: The Lesson Plan

Lois M. Kershner


Editorial: The Delicate Balance, Standards vs. Customization

Interaction: Letters to the Editor

Book Reviews

Johnson, Richard D.

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