Table of Contents

LRTS v. 34, no. 1, January 1990


Representing a Document's Viewpoint in Library Collections: A Theme of Obligation and Resistance

Jan Dee Fujimoto

A Comparison of Online and Card Catalog Accuracy

Gunnar Knutson

Form Subdivisions and Genre

Patrick Wilson and Nick Robinson

Cataloging Conference Proceedings: A Survey and Comments

Dorothy McGarry and Martha M. Yee

LCC, DDC, and Algae

James W. Markham

Cataloging Ottoman Turkish Personal Names

James Tilio Maccaferri

Historical Background and Review of Serials Cataloging Rules

Dorothy J. Glasby

Notes on Research and Operations

The RTSD Preservation Microfilming Committee: Looking to the 1990s

Nancy E. Gwinn

LRTS' Subsection

Shall We Throw Out the Technical Services-And Then What?

D. Kathryn Weintraub

Personnel Selection for Cataloging

Joan Rapp


Editorial: Censorship and Librarians

A Partial List of Referees

Interaction: Letters to the Editor

1989 Annual Reports

Book Reviews

Johnson, Richard D.

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