Table of Contents

LRTS v. 33, no. 3, July 1989


The Preservation of Library Materials in 1988: A Review of the Literature

Karl E. Longstreth

The Year's Work in Serials, 1988

Susan Davis

Subject Access Literature, 1988

Theresa J. Wolner

The Reproduction of Library Materials: 1988 in Review

Suzanne Cates Dodson

The Literature of Description and Cataloging, 1988

Janet Swan Hill

Notes on Research and Operations

Serials Services in the Scitech Documentation and Information Center of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Shuchun Pan

Condition Survey of the United States History, Local History, and Genealogy Collection of the New York Public Library

Robert DeCandido

The Secret Page

Charles Curran

LRTS' Subsection

Shall We Throw Out the Technical Services-and Then What?

D. Kathryn Weintraub

Transition and Change: Technical Services at the Center

D. Kaye Gapen


Guest Editorial: You Never Outgrow Your Need for Learning

Karen Muller

Resources & Technical Services News: New Developments in Preservation and Reproduction

Cecilia Piccolo

Book Reviews

Richard D. Johnson

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