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LRTS v. 32, no. 3, July 1988


The Year's Work in Descriptive Cataloging and . . .

Janet Swan Hill

The Year's Work in Serials, 1987

Tony Stankus

The Preservation of Library Materials, 1987: A Review of the Literature

Carla J. Montori and Karl Eric Lonstreth

Preparation for Privation: The Year's Work in Collection Management, 1987

Atkinson, Ross

Book Reviews

The Reader's Adviser: A Layman's Guide to Literature, ed. by Barbara A. Chemow and George A. Vallasi

Robert Woodman Wadsworth

Recent Trends in Rare Book Librarianship, ed. by Michele Valerie Cloonan

Deirdre C. Stain

The Librarian's Helper, by Jennifer Pritchitt and Fred Hill

Candy Schwartz

Guide for Writing a Bibliographer's Manual, by Collection Management and Development Committee. RTSD, ALA

Don Lanier

Serial Connections: People, Information, Communication. Proceedings of the North American Serials Interest Group WAS/Gt. ed. by Leigh Chatterton and Mary Elizabeth Clack

Gail McMillan

Conference on Integrated Online Library Systems, comp. and ed. by David C. Genaway

Wendy Allex

Subject Guide to Major United States Government Publications, by Wiley J. Williams

Peter Hernon

English and American Literature: Sources and Strategies for Collection Development, ed, by William McPheron

Mary Margaret Benson

Nonbook Media: Collection Management and Use Services, ed. by John W. Ellison and Patricia Ann Coty

Jean Weihs

Policy and Practice in Bibliographic Control of Nonbook Media. ed, by Sheila S. Intner and Richard P. Smiraglia

Adeline Wilkes

The Electronic Era of Publishing: Art Overview of Concepts, Technologies and Methods, by Oldrich Standen

Richard D. Johnson

Selecting and Organizing State Government Publications, by Margaret T. Lane

David W. Parish

Developing Library and Information Center Collections, ed. by G. Edward Evans

Thomas E. Leonhardt

Information Technologies and Space Planning for Libraries and Information Centers, by Richard W. Boss

David T. Buxton

Preservation Microfilming: A Guide for Librarians and Archivists, ed. by Nancy E. Gwinn

Janet Gertz

Integrated Software Packages for Microcomputers, by William Saffady

Lawrence Auld

Education and Training for Catalogers and Classifiers, ed. by Ruth C. Carter

Julieann V. Nilson


Editorial: An Editor's Guilt Trip

Interaction: Letters to the Editor

Resources & Technical Services News: Online Access

Verna Urbanski

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