Table of Contents

LRTS v. 32, no. 2, April 1988


The National Coordinated Cataloging Program

HenrietteD. Avram and Beacher Wiggins

Automating Preservation Information in RLIN

Betsy Kruger

Effective Collection Developers: Librarians or Faculty?

David L. Vidor and Elizabeth Futas

Collection Development in Foreign Literatures at Medium-sized Academic Libraries

Rebecca Schreiner-Robles

LRTS' Subsection

High-Tech Shopping for Serials Automation: Linking Public and Technical Services-an Introduction

Pamela Bluh and Will Hepfer

Finding a Way Out of the Serials Maze

Wilma Reid Cipolla

Research Notes

Price versus Coverage: Calculating the Impact on Collection Development

Erwin K. Welsch

[Book without a Title]; or, The Bee on the Comb: A Cataloger's Puzzle

Norman D. Stevens

The Form and Structure of a Subject Heading Code

William E. Studwell and Paule Rolland-Thomas


Library Services and the Online Campus Gateway

Rich Hines and Candy Schwartz

Book Reviews

Publishing with CD-ROM: A Guide to Compact Disc Optical Storage Technologies for Providers of Publishing Series, by Patti Myers

Francisca Co

CD-ROM and Optical Publishing Systems; An Assessment of the Impact of Optical Read-Only Memory Systems on the Information Industry and a Comparison between Them and Traditional Paper, Microfilm, and Online Publishing Systems, by Tony Hendley

Francisca Co

CD-ROM. Volume Two. Optical Publishing: A Practical Approach to Developing CD-ROM Applications, ed by Suzanne Ropiequet with John Einberger and Bill Zoellick

William Gray Potter

Research Libraries and Their Implementation of AACR2, ed. by Judith Hopkins and John Edens

Alice J. Allen

Public Access Online Catalogs, ed by Karen Markey

Rosanna M. O'Neil

Patron Access: Issues for Online Catalogs, by Walt Crawford

Philip M. Smith

Managing the Cataloging Department, by Donald L. Foster

Lonnie Beene

Selection of Library Materials in Applied and Interdisciplinary Fields, ed. by Beth J. Shapiro and John Whaley

Deborah Jakubs

Wilsondisc, software by H W. Wilson Co

Carla M. Weiss

Preservation and Conservations of Sci-Tech Materials, ed. by Ellis Mount

Ann G. Swartzell

Multiple Thesauri in Online Library Bibliographic Systems.- A Report Prepared for Library of Congress Processing Services, by Carol A. Mandel

David Gleim

Libraries, Technology and the Information Marketplace: Selected Papers, by Richard De Gennaro

Charles B. Osburn

Authority Control Symposium: Papers Presented during the 14th Annual ARLIS/NA Conference New York, N.Y., February 10, 1986, ed by Karen Muller

Phyllis A. Richmond


Editorial: "Catalogers: The People We Love to Hate"

A Scope Statement for LRTS

A Partial List of Referees

Interaction: Letters to the Editor

Resources & Technical Services News: Product Potpourri

Urbanski, Verna

Instructions to Authors

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