Table of Contents

LRTS v. 31, no. 1, January/March 1987

From the Editor's Desk . . .

New Turns for a New Century: Library Services in the Information Era.

Karen L. Horny

Text and Technology: Reading and Writing in the Electronic Age.

Jay David Bolter

The New! The Improved! Standard for Serial Holdings Statements.

Marjorie E. Bloss

An Investigation of Public Library Participation in Bibliographic Networks: Perceptions, Reactions, and Recommendations.

Betty J. Turock and David L. Turock

Vendor Performance: A Study of Two Libraries.

Ruth H. Miller and Martha W. Niemeier

Fifteen Years of Automation: Evolution of Technical Services Staffing.

Karen L. Horny

Planning a COM Catalog for the St. Paul Campus Libraries.

Peggy Johnson

Sorting a Mountain of Books.

Fred W. Matthews

Letters to the Editor

Instructions to Authors

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