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LRTS v. 30, no. 1, January/March 1986

From the Editor's Desk . . .

Access to Resources: The International Dimension.

Maurice B. Line

An International Framework for National Bibliographic Development: Achievement and Challenge.

Dorothy Anderson

Cataloguing in the International Arena.

C. Donald Cook

Conservation/Preservation: An International Approach.

Hans-Peter Geh

The Linked Systems Project: Its Implications for Resource Sharing.

Henriette D. Avram

The NCIP Option for Coordinated Collection Management.

David Farrell

An Overview of American Publishing for Librarians.

Gary Facente

Trends in Publishing for Children and Young Adults.

Regina U. Minudri

The Pricing of British Journals for the North American Market.

Marcia Tuttle

Microform Film Stock: A Hobson's Choice. Are Librarians Getting the Worst of Both Worlds?

Jerry Dupont

Microfilm Types: There Really Is a Choice.

Suzanne Cates Dodson

In Memoriam: Frances Morton

For the Record: Annual Report of the Decimal Classification Editorial Policy Committee, July 1, 1984 - June 30, 1985

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