Table of Contents


LRTS v. 2 no. 4, Fall 1958


Esther J. Piercy


Edwin B. Colburn


The National Union List of Serials: Weaknesses and a Proposal


Harry Dewey


The Divided Catalog: A Summary of the Literature


Dorothy Grosser


Maud Louise Moseley


Audrey Smith


The Russian Exchange Program at Columbia University


Karol Maichel


Relations of the American Standards Association with the American Library Association


Donald C. Holmes


The Continuing Program of Book Selection and Acquisition


James E. Skipper


The Selection and Acquisition of Rare Books and Related Materials at Columbia University


Ronald Baughman


FLIP: Film Library Instantaneous Presentation


Gordon Williams


The Red and the Green


Samuel T. Waters


Who’s Who?


Lawrence B. Romaine


A Sample Audit of Cards in a Branch Public Library Catalog


Herbert Goldhor and Mildred Rettig


Report of the RTSD President 1957-1958


Regional Groups


Index, Volume 2, 1958