Table of Contents


LRTS v. 2 no. 3, Summer 1958


Regional Processing for Public Libraries, A Survey


Dorothy Bendix


Guidelines for Establishing a Centralized Library Processing Center


Evelyn Day Mullen


Georgia State Catalog Card Service


Virginia Drewry


The Columbia River Regional Library Demonstration


Dorothy Cutler


Central Processing Unit


Robert S. Ake


California State Library Processing Center Under Library Services Act


Margaret TV Thompson


Centralized Processing- Missouri Style


Brigitte L. Kenney


Centralized Technical Processes in a County Library


Elizabeth Adcock


David Judson Haykin


Lucile M. Morsch


The Archives of American Art: A Manuscript and Microfilm Collection Requiring Unusual Techniques for Control


Arline Custer


The National Union Catalog; A Review


Marian Harman


Regional Groups