Table of Contents

LRTS v. 28, no. 2, April/June 1984

The Citation as Intertext: Toward a Theory of the Selection Process.

Ross Atkinson

Profiling Vendor Performance.

James K. Bracken and John C. Calhoun

Budget Justification: Closing the Gap between Request and Result.

Sally F. Williams

Forecasting Price Increase Needs for Library Materials: The University of California Experience.

Dennis Smith

A Cost Model for Retrospective Conversion Alternatives.

Stephen H. Peters and Douglas F. Butler

Kaiser's Systematic Indexing.

Robert D. Rodriguez

Influence of the Card Catalog on Circulation in a Small Public Library.

William Aguilar

Letters to the Editor

For the Record (Annual Report of the Decimal Classification Editorial Policy Committee, July 1, 1982 - June 30, 1983)

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