Table of Contents

LRTS v. 28, no. 1, January/March 1984

From the Editor's Desk . . .

An Analysis of Reviews and Library Holdings of Small Publishers' Books.

Judith Serebnick and John Cullars

Book Production Quality: A Librarian's View; or, The Self-Destructing Library.

Paul H. Mosher

The Indian National Bibliography-Its Present State and Future Prospects.

Joel C. Downing

Considerations in the Creation of a Holdings Record Structure for an Online Catalog.

Arnold Hirshon

Electronic Publishing and Its Impact on Libraries: A Literature Review.

Meredith Butler

Technical Services in the Age of Electronic Publishing.

Edwin Brownrigg, Clifford Lynch, and Mary Engle

Electronic Publishing and Library Technical Services.

Brian Aveney

Electronic Publishing, Libraries, and the Survival of Information.

Gordon B. Neavill

In Memoriam: John W. Cronin

Instructions to Authors

Index to Advertisers