Table of Contents

LRTS v. 27, no. 4, October/December 1983

Using Locally and Nationally Produced Periodical Price Indexes in Budget Preparation.

Mary E. Clack and Sally F. Williams

The Selection and Preparation of Archives and Manuscripts for Microreproduction.

Madeleine Perez, Andrew Raymond, and Ann Swartzell

Suggestions for the Cataloging of Machine-Readable Materials.

Shelia S. Intner

Decision Logic for Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, Chapter 21: "Choice of Access Points."

Margaret E. Cockshutt, C. Donald Cook, and Ann H. Schabas

Use of the WLN Authority Control System by an ARL Library.

Ruth Patterson Funabiki, Ingrid Mifflin, and Karen Corlee

AACR2 and the Level of Description Principle.

Herbert H. Hoffman

Managing European Automatic Acquisitions.

Robert G. Sewell

Margaret Mann Citation, 1983: Frances Hinton

Frances Hinton.

Edward Swanson

Esther J. Piercy Award, 1983: Sue A. Dodd

Sue A. Dodd.

Marcia Tuttle

Resources Section Blackwell North America Scholarship Award, 1983: The Collection Program in Elementary and Middle Schools: Concepts, Practices and Information Sources, by Phyllis Van Orden.

Ruth Fraley

In Memoriam: Theodore Christian Hines

RTSD Guidelines: A Guide to Coordinated and Cooperative Collection Development.

Paul H. Mosher and Marcia Pankake

RTSD Guidelines: Guide to Collection Evaluation Through Use and User Studies.

Dorothy E. Christiansen, C. Roger Davis and Jutta Reed-Scott

RTSD Annual Reports, 1982/1983

Letters to the Editor