Table of Contents

LRTS v. 27, no. 2, April/June 1983

The Use of Research.

Joe A. Hewitt

The Last Frontier: Possibilities for Networking in the Small Academic Library.

Mary S. Dagold

The Centre for Catalogue Research.

Philip Bryant

Experiments with Full and Short Entry Catalogues: A Study of Library Needs.

Alan Seal

Library Materials Cost Studies.

Frederick C. Lynden

A Test of Two Citation Checking Techniques for Evaluating Political Science Collections in University Libraries.

Thomas E. Nisonger

Changes in the Quality of Paper in French Books, 1860-1914: A Study of Selected Holdings of the Wilson Library, University of North Carolina.

John Rutledge and Willy Owen

A Comparison of the OCLC Database and New Serial Titles as an Information Resource for Serials.

Jim Williams and Nancy Romero

Technical Services Research Needs for the 1990s.

Allen B. Veaner

Duplicate Records in the Bibliographic Utilities: A Historical Review of the Printing versus Edition Problem.

Barbara Jones and Arno Kastner

Treating IEEE Conference Publications as Serials.

Michael E. Unsworth

Letters to the Editor

Instructions to Authors