Table of Contents

LRTS v. 26, no. 4, October/December 1982

Authority Control: An Eighty-Year Review.

Larry Auld

Desiderata for a National Series Authority File.

Susan Matson

SHARAF: The Canadian Shared Authority File Project.

Helen Macintosh

Is the OCLC Database Too Large? A Study of the Effect of Duplicate Records in the OCLC System.

Patricia Dwyer Wanninger

An Archive Tape Processing System for the Triangle Research Libraries Network.

Jeanne Sawyer

Cataloging Loose-Leaf Publications.

Byron Cooper

Margaret Mann Citation, 1982: Elizabeth R. Baughman

Elizabeth R. Baughman.

Michael Gorman

Esther J. Piercy Award, 1982: Nancy R. John

Nancy R. John.

Julie Nilson

Resources Section Blackwell North America Scholarship Award, 1982: Library Collections: Their Origin, Selection & Development, by Richard K. Gardner

RTSD Annual Reports, 1981/82

Letters to the Editor