Table of Contents

LRTS v. 26, no. 2, April/June 1982

From the Editor's Desk

Australia, LCSH and FLASH.

John McKinlay

A Guide to Reference Tools for Cataloging Africana.

Gail J. Junion

Is There a Catalog in Your Future? Access to Information in the Year 2006.

Nancy J. Williamson

"Access to Good and Current Reading": Collection Development in the Feminine Reading Society in Copenhagen.

Erwin K. Welsch

Cost-Effectiveness of Soviet Serial Exchanges.

Jana K. Stevens, Jade G. Kelley, and Richard G. Irons

How Human-Usable Is Interchangeable? Or, Shall We Produce Catalogues or Babelographic Towers?

Frans Heymans

The Automation of Technical Services in Venezuela's National Library: Aspects of a Transfer of Library Technology.

Thomas P. McGinn

The History and Impact of ISBD.

Marybeth Milcetich

Some Thoughts on the Dewey Decimal Classification.

Ron Linden

Extraterrestrials in the Dewey Decimal System; or, A Study of the Dewey Decimal Classification as Pertains to the Contact of Homo sapiens with Extraterrestrial Sentient Life.

Libby Jones

Revising the Dewey Music Schedules: Tradition vs. Innovation.

Robert H. Hassell

Problems in Applying AACR2 to Music Materials.

Sam Richmond

Letters to the Editor