Table of Contents

LRTS v. 25, no. 2, April/June 1981

Sources for Determining Citation Practice for Court Reports throughout the World.

Phyllis C. Marion

A Comparison of Library Tools for Monograph Verification.

Elizabeth H. Groot

An Evaluation of an Oregon School District's Centralized Ordering and Processing System.

Leslie Hendrickson and Marie Celesire

The King Research Project: Design for a Library Catalog Cost Model.

Angela G. Mullikin

The Effect of Closed Catalogs on Public Access.

James R. Dwyer

Language of the Library of Congress Subject Headings Pertaining to Society.

Jan Wepsiec

The Concise AACR2.

Frances Hinton

Six Auxiliary Texts to AACR2: A Review Article.

Arnold Hirshon and Barbara Branson