Table of Contents

LRTS v. 25, no. 1, January/March 1981

For Our 25th Anniversary . . .

In Memoriam: Maurice F. Tauber, 1908-1980

From Problems Perceived to Programs in Practice: The Preservation of Library Resources in the U.S.A., 1956-1980.

Pamela W. Darling and Sherelyn Ogden

Patterns in the Use of OCLC by Academic Library Cataloging Departments.

Barbara Moore

Quality Control and the OCLC Data Base: A Report on Error Reporting.

Judith J. Johnson and Clair S. Josel

Quality Issues in Retrospective Conversion Projects.

Linda F. Crismond

Cataloging Contributed to OCLC: A Look One Year Later.

William J. Crowe

Library of Congress Subject Heading Patterns in OCLC Monographic Records.

Edward T. O'Neill and Rao Aluri

Barcoding a Collection-Why, When, and How.

Ann de Klerk

Directions for Research in Indexing, Classification, and Cataloging.

Elaine Svenonius

The Bibliotaphic Libraries of the Year 2000.

Harold Wooster

RTSD Annual Reports, 1979/80

For the Record (Annual Report of the Decimal Classification Editorial Policy Committee)

Instructions to Authors