Table of Contents

LRTS v. 24, no. 3, Summer 1980

The Life and Death(?) of Corporate Authorship.

C. Sumner Spalding

Adapting an Existing Card Catalog to AACR 2: A Feasibility Study.

Peggy S. Kline and Marion R. Taylor

New Attempts to Resolve Old Conflicts: Chapter 22 of AACR 2.

Bruce E. Ford

Year's Work in Descriptive Cataloging: 1979.

Constance Rinehart

Year's Work in Subject Analysis: 1979.

Doris Hargrett Clack

Collection Development and Preservation in 1979.

Rose Mary Magrill

Serials in 1979.

Dorothy J. Glasby

Micrographics, Reprography, and Graphic Communications in 1979.

William Saffady


In Memoriam: Wyllis E. Wright, 1903-1979.

Benjamin A. Custer

In Memoriam: Carolyn Small.

Frances B. Woods