Table of Contents

LRTS v. 23, no. 1, Winter 1979

Some Practical Observations on the Writing, Implementation, and Revision of Collection Development Policy.

Charles B. Osburn

Collection Evaluation in Research Libraries: The Search for Quality, Consistency, and System in Collection Development.

Paul H. Mosher

Selection Methodology in Academic Libraries.

Hendrik Edelman

The Necessity for a Collection Development Policy Statement.

Y. T. Feng

Allocation of Funds in Support of Collection Development in Public Libraries.

Ann Bender

Collection Development: A Summary of Workshop Discussions.

Norman Dudley

Specificity in Subject Headings.

Hilda Steinweg

Examining the Library of Congress Subject Catalog

David F. Kohl

Resources and Technical Services Division: Annual Reports, 1977/78

RTSD Nominees-1979 Election