Table of Contents

LRTS v. 22, no. 2, Spring 1978

A Study of Performance of Five Book Dealers Used by Louisiana State University Library.

Sandra L. Stokley and Marion T. Reid

The Principle of Uniform Heading in Library of Congress Subject Headings.

Lois Mai Chan

The Adequacy of Library of Congress Subject Headings for Black Literature Resources.

Doris Hargrett Clack

Punctuation in Library of Congress Subject Headings.

Hilda Steinweg

A Rationale for the Use of Split Files for Subject Headings.

Pamela Walker

Poland Is Not Yet Defeated, or: Should Catalogers Rewrite History? With a Discourse on When Is an Island Not an Island?

Hans H. Wellisch

Conference Publications: Serials or Monographs?

Jim E. Cole

An Adapted Library of Congress Classification for Children's Materials.

John W. Perkins

Multiscript and Multilingual Bibliographic Control: Alternatives to Romanization.

Hans H. Wellisch

Recommended Data Elements for the Descriptive Cataloging of Computer-based Educational Materials in the Health Sciences.

Becky Lyon-Hartmann and Charles M. Goldstein