Table of Contents

LRTS v. 21, no. 1, Winter 1977

Romanization Reexamined.

C. Sumner Spalding

PRECIS: the Preserved Context Index System.

Derek Austin and Jeremy A. Digger

Rider Revisited: Speculations Derived from an Unused Classification.

Arthur Maltby

Guidelines for the Formulation of Collection Development Policies.

Collection Development Committee

AACR Chapter 6 as Adopted, Applied, and Assessed by Research Libraries.

John D. Byrum., Jr. and D. Whitney Coe

AACR 6 and the Corporate Mystique.

Lois Mai Chan

Education for Technical Services: One School's Response.

Constance Rinehart

Inventory of Monographs in a University Library.

Vera Cunliffe

An Approach to an Inventory of the Collections.

Thomas L. Welch

Resources and Technical Services Division: Annual Reports, 1975/76

RTSD Nominees-1977 Election

In The Mail