Table of Contents

LRTS v. 20, no. 2, Spring 1976

Evaluating Coin-Operated Copying Equipment for Library Applications.

William Saffady

The Imprint Date in the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules.

Katherine H. Packer and Ann H. Schabas

Divided Catalogs: A Selected Bibliography.

Agnes M. Grady

Division of the University of Oregon Library Catalog.

Elaine A. Kemp

The Act of Cataloging.

Doris M. Carson

The Cutter Classification: Still at Work.

Robert L. Mowery

State-Level Governments of Nigeria as Author Entries and Subject Headings.

Patricia Shoyinka

The Duplicate Periodical Problem in the Academic Library.

David Walker Lupton

Progress on Code Revision

RTSD Program Meetings at the 1976 ALA Conference in Chicago

Proposed Amendments to the RTSD Division Bylaws, 1976

Proposed Amendments to the Section Bylaws, 1976

In the Mail