Table of Contents


LRTS v. 1 no. 4, Fall 1957


David Judson Haykin


Verner W. Clapp


Local Cataloging for an Engineering Library


Johanna E. Tallman


Departmental Interrelationships: The Many in One in Action as well as in Reorganization of the ALA


John Minto Dawson


The National Union Catalog in the Next Decade- Some Unsolved Problems


George A. Schwegmann, Jr.


Dewey 16: A Preview and Report to the Profession


Benjamin A. Custer


Bibliographic Control of Audio-Visual Materials: Report of a Special Committee


Frances Hamman


Aids for Use in Cataloging Audio-Visual Materials


Eunice Keen


The Administrator Looks at Technical Processing


Norman L. Kilpatrick


The Administrator Looks at Technical Processing: School Libraries


C. Taylor Whittier


The Administrator Looks at Technical Processing: The Public Library


William S. Frieze


Partial Library Automation with the Flexowriter Automatic Writing Machine


George R. Luckett


Toward a Better Cataloging Code: A Review


Laura C. Colvin


RTSD at Kansas City


Orcena Mahoney


Report of the Executive Secretary


Policy and Research Committee, Cataloging and Classification Section. Report of Meetings.


Regional Groups


Index, Volume 1