Table of Contents


LRTS v. 1 no. 1, Winter 1957


Introducing LRTS


The Resources and Technical Services Division


Susan Grey Akers


Emerson Greenaway


Binding Simplification


David C. Weber


Keeping Serial Costs in Check


C. Sumner Spalding


The Divided Catalog, A Reappraisal


Ed. By Kay Harris and Audrey Smith


Arabic Cataloging: A Criticism of the Present Rules


Labib Zuwiyya


Cooperative Cataloging in Brazil


Maria Jose Theresa de Amorim


Uncataloging Books at Brandeis


Mathilda Brugh O’Bryant


The Availability of Library of Congress Catalog Cards


Henry Birnbaum


A Library for Organists


Gladys Hawthorne


Serials Clearinghouse, No. 6


Harry Dewey and Wallace C. Olsen


DCC Board on Cataloging Policy and Research


Regional Groups